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we are in fast century, humanity live under work presser. A lot of diseases appears due to this presser. So Plan C caring about making reaches to all kinds of health equipment more available.

Plan C is the best in medical equipment filed

In spite that Plan C deals with a lot of trading kind but it is more specialized in medical devices has the largest share, we specialize in:

  • Respiratory & Life Support, which plays an important role in maintaining a stable patient's life, such as respirators, pacemakers, recovery devices.
  • Home and movable medical gags. Which help the patient to get easier breathing and fresh air, and may be used to protect against contagious diseases or to help the drug reach the respiratory system.

Plan C introduce online Pharmatee shop: Since 2015, Planc C has been offering online pharmacy to its Kuwait customers. which contains a huge range of healthcare devices and tools ranging from skin care products through pressure and sugar meters to ends by tools for people with disabilities such as wheelchairs and else.
Pharmatee website, which serves all people, and introduce special things to special people like sick and elderly people.

Pharmatee introduce everything with appropriate price, by using you will deal with enhanced team and you will gain the beast products. We designed this online pharmacy to reach everyone at any time by easy way. After purchase through the site, we will delivered the product to your doorstep. This gives Pharmatee the attributes of flexibility, ease, and quality.

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Examples to export equipment

Health deviceCharacteristic
NebulizersLight, compact and removable for treatment anywhere
Heart rate monitorDetermination arterial saturation of oxygen and heart rate
Sugar meterQuick and accurate results in about 5 seconds
Hearing amplifierAmplify the sound up to 40 dB
Wheel chairspeed of 11 km / h, up to a weight of 136 kg

Recently, the demand for medical devices is growing. The medical device market in the UAE only is about 1.189 billion $ in 2018, indicating a steady rise in the medical device industry as time goes on.

Countries exporting medical equipment

Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, United States of America

Distribution places for medical equipment and equipment

Pharmacies, companies, individuals, health centers, hospitals, patients