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Coffee industry field

One of the most popular drinks, people drink it every day, caffeine makes them feeling good, and rising their concentration. Average use in Arab countries is 2k/ person. It is a relatively high consumption comparing with other countries.

So Plan C endeavors to provide good products to both companies and individuals.

Examples to coffee equipment

Coffee deviceCharacteristic
Delonghi coffee makerGrind the coffee beans, prepare all kinds
Cappuccino and espressoTouch keys to determine the type of coffee and its foam
Nespresso machineWith a touch screen to select the coffee type, with automatic cleaning feature
Nespresso Machine CapsulesIt works by adding special capsules with coffee flavor
Specialty coffee capsulesFlavors taste such as espresso

Coffee is estimated to be around 100 billion dollars worldwide. It's considered as one of the most hot and cold beverages in any region in the world. The people of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE are among the most Arabs coffee-consuming. They are using it as self-respect and others respect.

Coffee exporting countries

Brazil, India, Indonesia, Colombia, Ethiopia

Distribution locations for coffee machines and accessories

Restaurants, cafeterias, restrooms, factories, companies, individuals