About Us

          Plan C (L. L. C) is a Kuwaiti company, specialized in general trade, focusing on multiple import, and owning its online trading platform which known as (Pharmatee).

The company operates in two categories:

      1. Medical department deals with medical devices, and medical equipment for patients and people with special needs.
      2. Coffee industry department, including coffee beans, machinery, and accessories, which are using to produce it.

The company offer its services to individuals and companies to enable them achieving business goal with competitive market price.

Plan C (L. L. C) is a general trading company. The main purpose to it is helping you achieving your goal by owning the best equipment in medical or coffee industry.

When dealing with our company, and our various commercial agencies you will possess the required quality and factory guarantee. Also Plan C (L. L. C) offer to its customers online shop to facilitate their shopping and purchase process.

Commercial Agency:

Since its beginning, Plan C (L. L. C) has cared to obtain reliable commercial agencies to import equipment and products from the original factory or one of its branches. It is important to obtain the highest technical specifications and practical quality that ultimately achieve the consumer's needs. Linked to Plan C (L. L. C):

  1. Agencies from Korea and China for portable nebulizers.
  2. Singapore Medical Supplies Agency.
  3. An agency with Italy company specialized in making coffee, coffee machines and accessories.

  1. We offer price lists suitable for all clients, individuals and companies.
  2. More than five years’ experience and specialization in the medical field.
  3. Import from the factory in the production country to reach the consumer anywhere.
  4. Good knowledge of the medical field.
  5. Best types of coffee and its machines you will find at us, that which makes our manufacture like art.
  6. View a list of special healthy products through the store Pharmtaee.

The success of Plan C (L.L.C.) depends on carefully planning and conducting serious studies before implementation, in order to become a tangible reality. Below we will describe the services we provide and why we focus on them:

1. Devices and equipment: We are in the fast century; humanity lives under work presser. A lot of diseases appear due to this pressure. So, Plan C (L. L. C) Caring about making access to all kinds of health equipment more available.

Plan C (L. L. C) is the best in the medical equipment field:

In spite that Plan C (L. L. C) deals with a lot of trading kinds but it is more specialized in medical devices and has the largest share, we specialize in:

  1. Respiratory & Life Support, which plays an important role in maintaining a stable patient’s life, such as respirators, pacemakers, recovery devices.
  2. Home and movable medical gags. Which help the patient to
    Get easier breathing and fresh air and may be used to protect against contagious diseases or to help the drug reach the respiratory system.

Plan C (L. L. C) introduces an online Pharmatee shop:

Since 2015, Plan C has been offering an online pharmacy to its Kuwait customers. Which contains a huge range of healthcare devices and tools ranging from skin care products through pressure and sugar meters to end by tools for people with disabilities such as wheelchairs and else.

Pharmatee website, which serves all people, and introduces special things to special people like sick and elderly people.

Pharmatee introduces everything at an appropriate price. By using them, you will deal with an enhanced team and you will gain the best products.

We designed this online pharmacy to reach everyone at any time in an easy way. After purchasing through the site, we will deliver the product to your doorstep. This gives Pharmatee the attributes of flexibility, ease, and quality.

You can visit us at pharmatee.com Recently, the demand for medical devices is growing. The medical device market in the UAE is only about 1.189 billion $ in 2018, indicating a steady rise in the medical device industry as time goes on.

Countries exporting medical equipment: Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, United States of America.

Distribution places for medical equipment and equipment: Pharmacies, companies, individuals, health centers, hospitals, patients.